What You Can Do

During August 29 - 31, if you are going to make a purchase, dine out or pay for any services;
 stop before doing so and ask yourself:

 "Is my money going towards a locally-owned business?"

If not, try to think of business in town that may be a better choice for your money.
You want your money to stay in your community community and not thrown away to someone outside of town.
The money you spend in your community will stay there and work its way back to you and your neighbors.

Let the money you spend continue to grow for you and your community.

Tips on succeeding in the challenge:

    - Think first, then pay.  Is your money going to leave town, or will it stay in the pockets of locals ( and by
      locals we mean you, your friends, your co-workers, your family, your beloved barista at the coffee shop, or
      the funny bartender at the corner pub)?

    - If you do not know of a locally owned business, do a quick search in the yellow pages and try to find a
      business that is not a chain

    - Tell your friends to participate in the challenge

    - Get familiar with the resources on this website to help you understand how you are making a difference
      when you decide to shop local

    - Tell your local businesses you appreciate their services and value their business

    - After August 31, continue to think about your purchases before sending your money away from your

Become a conscious citizen and not a nameless consumer.